Costume Care

The competition and outings costumes are valuable assets of RINCE Parents Association. Members worked very hard over the years to raise the funds to pay for the creation of the costumes. The costumes are very expensive (up to $850 each) and take substantial time to make. Each costume may be used by several dancers, so it is critical that they be properly cared for and maintained, and readily available for each dancer to use.

The RINCE Member is fully responsible for the costume used by the Dancer during the rental period: from when the dress is received from another dancer or the Costume Coordinator, to when it is given to another dancer to use or returned to the Rince Costume Coordinator. In order to borrow a costume, a copy of Dancer Costume Rental AgreementĀ must first be filled out for the dancer and a damage deposit received.

NEW FOR 2019: Please use the Costume Coordinator’s binder to sign costumes in and out and make condition/repair notes as necessary.


  • Always transport the costume in the provided garment bag.
  • Store dresses in garment bag, lying flat, when they are not in use. Shirts and vests should be on hangers.
  • To protect against staining and odors, use underarm garment shields when wearing the costume. Washable, re-usable alternatives are also available.
  • No eating or drinking (except water) is allowed while wearing the costume.
  • While wearing the costume, do not sit on floors without a clean blanket underneath you.
  • Please do not attempt to repair or re-jewel dresses yourself. Bring up any condition concerns with the RINCE Costume Coordinator when you return the garment.